Where we are now

We are currently on the field in Germany. We are anticipate returning to the U.S. in Summer 2020 for training and fundraising. For missionaries its called itineration. 


what is Itineration?

Assemblies of God missionaries raise funds for their overseas ministries by asking churches and individuals for support. In this way, churches and individuals are given the opportunity to be actively involved in missions by financially partnering with missionaries. CLICK HERE to watch a short video explaining missionary support.

Ninety-five percent of funds go to the missionary's account or designated missions project. We are unaware of any missions agency in the world that operates on a smaller percentage of donations for general emergency and administrative expenses - only five percent. Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) has the highest level of financial integrity with regard to the funds entrusted to them.

AGWM projects and ministries are identified by ministry account numbers that represent all facets of the related ministry, including missionary work and personal support. Donations are deposited into the accounts designated by the donors. Five percent of the donation is directed to the General Emergency Fund that is used to fund special ministry needs as approved by the World Missions Executive Committee and to partially support the World Missions operations.